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The Very Essential Opportunity with the Dropship Process

Also known as "drop shipping", dropshipping is divided into 3 phases. The principle is simple: the customer places an order on your e-commerce site, you are notified of this purchase and you only have to inform your supplier / wholesaler of the sale. It is this same supplier who will take care of the logistics part and send the package to your customer.

With this mode of operation, you are therefore an intermediary distributor and you simply take care of highlighting products that do not belong to you from consumers. With the Shopify dropshipping this is the perfect detail.

To find out more: what is the dropshipping?

When you are e-commerce, your only ambition is to sell your products. Logistics adds many daily tasks to your work and you are less focused on your core business: sales.

With dropshipping, you can focus on one thing: communication and marketing. Your only goal is to make sales and generate revenue.

On the other hand, the supplier or wholesaler you have chosen also focuses on his job: logistics. It is he who manages the entire stock, from production to delivery.

If you take a closer look, you can see that various marketplaces have been using this business model for a while. For example, Rue du Commerce is a site offering products belonging to suppliers. As soon as a user places an order on this market place, the wholesaler receives a notification and will take care of sending him the package. The site receives a commission on the sale. This is of course the case for other well-known market places (Amazon, eBay, etc.). The Dropship business is a practice well present for several years!

Now that you have understood what dropshipping is and the concept of this business model, I will mention some of the undeniable advantages of this practice.

Why do dropshipping?

  • Whether for you, e-trader, or for your supplier, dropshipping has many advantages.
  • Among the benefits of dropshipping, you surely suspect that we find the logistics. Inventory management, package preparation, carton packaging and shipping will never be part of your job. Your wholesaler takes care of everything!

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